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getting retarded on the yellow bus

us and chuckeee!

they took a picture of me marching with chucke -__-

those cheaters..
oh we went in the playplace and i got lost AGAIN! it was a freaking work out, i scraped my knee.. but it was funnn

then me and jeff went to tapex where i owned him in every card game, and played APPLES TO APPLES OUR FAVORITE GAME :DD

jeff peeing by the tree while i held my pee for 2 hours

sorry guys this is the closest i can get.. i didn't wanna get too close hahaha

thurs: 949 @ coldstone (the one i worked last summer).. brooke and hulk hogan!!! i saw hella people there FOR the event.. those losers include lillian, bita, mansi, saurabh, sophia, kareem, faiscal, akram + others i don't remember

hella people
dude the security guy kept pushing us back and he end up grabbing my boobs hella times >:O

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