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friday was the ap english hos sleepover!

we went to jack london square for SFO bar and grill. khush's uncle owns the restaurant so we got free dinner :D

strawberry daiquiri and a pina coloda!

at the pier thing

by the waterfountain

our sad attempt to take pictures of ourselves holding hands haha

hella popos in oakland

we bought tickets to monster house.. but when we went in we only saw one guy so we got scared and ran out ahaha end up watching my super ex gf

went back to SFO for dessert :D cheesecake + tiramisu!

ahaha this is for you kim! it's some clubbing place and the new SFO location will be there!

changed into our pjs.. WHS represent! uhh not, like we miss high school!

then she finally decides to show up @ 2am and we watched the family stone before we passed out at 5am.

after waking up at 12 for some thai curry and failure to launch, i hung out with my lovely ester on saturday! we went to the gym together hahaha FUN TIMES! mark took us to TGI fridays.. thanks for dinner :) then went back to esters and watched SAILORMOON<3 until 3:30am xD

ester and meee!
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